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How does it work?

See how easily enterprise messaging fits your organization.


Enterprise messaging with role-based administration

The key to make messaging work for large and growing organizations is to create a team structure that fits the organization and combine this with role-based administration and team assignment.

Online calls

With Briteback, an online call is always just one click away. Invite external guests and share your screen for demonstrations.

Power ups

When you're ready, Briteback has some extra features waiting for you. Activate the email & calendar Power Ups and have it all in one place.

Power up: Email

Power up with our email tool and have everything in one place. Share external emails with your team for internal discussions. Email and messaging has never worked better together.


Power up: Calendar

Power up with our calendar tool and enjoy one-click meetings with your team. You can also schedule online calls.


Unified search

One search field for everything. Search results are sorted by team and email account.


Integrate Business-Critical Applications

Uniform integration interface

All our integrations can be accessed by our simple and powerful integration interface.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise support

Everyone has a direct messaging channel with the support team. If needed, we can use online calls with screen sharing to help out