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Communication for team players

The team communication app where text chat and video calls play nice with email.

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The messaging app for all kind of teams

No matter your type and size - we got all your team needs in one place

All your team needs, in one place

Chat, video and email integrated in one app creates a better way to communicate.

It’s easy, fast and encourages knowledge sharing.

Save time and energy

With Briteback you have all in one place and one single search button.

Stop emailing about emails.

Share that client email to the messaging channel. No more endless email forwarding chains.




Always stay on top of things

Catch up on discussions and decisions and stay on top of things with theme-based messaging channels.

Nothing gets lost.

With public messaging channels there is complete transparency. New team members joining a channel can easily check up on previous discussions and quickly get up to speed.

For sensitive matters there are private groups and one-to-one channels.

Work smarter

All tools and media in Briteback are seamlessly integrated.

Share it
Anything can be shared.

Share that client email to the messaging channel. No more endless email forwarding chains.

Comment on it
Anything can be commented on.

Comment on shared files, emails or individual messages. All traceable and easy to find later.

Note it
Anything can be made a note.

Did something in that email and video chat catch your attention? Create a note connected to the triggering event.

Chat about it
Discuss everything in the chat.

Discuss with your team mates how to handle it. Decide who will take care of it.

Call about it
One-click video calls.

Somethings are better said than written. Easily start a video call with all members of a message channel with one click.

Act on it
Reply to shared emails.

Reply to shared emails directly from the chat channel. Completely transparent and easy to follow up on.

Together anything is possible!

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